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Skydiving Equipment For Sale!

Skysports Skydiving Gear

Official agents for: Vigil, Jump Shack, Altimaster II, Velocity Rigs, Larsen & Brusgaard, NZ Aerosports, Gath Helmets and many more

Wind Blades

Skysports Wind Blade

Available Now! - Wind Blades. Many sizes and shapes (Teardrop/Feather/Rectangular) 2.5m up to 5.6m

Official Vigil agent

Vigil AAD

Get your Vigil II, cutters and batteries here!

Official Jump Shack agent

Jump Shack Racer

Get your Racer, Angelfire, Firebolt and Basix here!

Discounted Audible Altimeter Batteries

Dytter Batteries

Batteries for: Pro Dytter, Pro Track, Neptune, GFX, NeoXs, Solo, Solo II, Optima, Optima II, Visio & Visio II Altimeters starting from only $5